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Configuring MySQL for network access

Configuring MySQL for Network Access

By default, the root user in MySQL will not be allowed access from remote machines. The easiest way to allow remote access is to grant access to another user, and then specify that user in the database login on the remote PC. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Run the MySQL command-line client on the MySQL server PC. This is in Start->All Programs->MySQL->MySQL Server x.xx->Command Line Client.
  2. Type use dbname; and press enter (where dbname is the name of the database; usually jpegger or ezcash)
  3. Type grant all on * to username identified by ‘password’; and press enter (where username and password are the desired username and password)
  4. Type exit and press return.

That should configure the specified database to allow remote access by the specified user.

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