Allow our team to help get cash into the hands of your payees safely and securely!

It's not a Bank ATM, it is a Transact Payment System!



  • Established: Deployed over 1,000 private EZcash ATMs
  • Secure: Eliminates the availability of unsecured cash at your place of business.
  • Efficient: Saves time and reduces the errors of handling cash.
  • Reliable: Uses proven technologies with a wide network of service providers.
  • No Banks: Transfer cash to anyone regardless of having a bank account.
  • Imaging: Create an image audit trail using your cameras and JPEGger.

Manage Payments & Monitor ATM Status

Payee Receives a QR Code or Printed Bar Code

Get Cash!

Scrap Dragon Xtreme is a complete scrap yard management system that simplifies compliance, scale transactions, inventory management, sales contracts, and dispatch.

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Support Hotline: 1(855)9Dragon / 1(855)937-2466

Create a snapshot audit trail of transactions using an unlimited amount of cameras.  Set an auto trigger to fire one or a group of cameras automatically.

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Milestone’s products are the industry’s leading IP video management software for your your surveillance system.

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What our clients say

“We tested all software that was at the show and found ScrapDragon to be the most user friendly and the support team was very knowledgeable. We are going into our 11th year and we are still very satisfied with the software and the support.”

Cooper Recycling Tennesse

“It is so much easier to use, and BETTER than what I have been using. I dove right in without even going over any tutorial, and had all of my commodities put in, and was creating tickets after a few minutes..”

Raw Resale North Highlands, CA

“I love TranAct-Scrap Dragon!! Thank you for putting up with us scrappies who are so technologically challenged!!!”

PC Metals Inc Bridgeport, CT
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About us

Ken Gruber founded Transact Payment Systems Inc, dba Tranact, in 1996 as a pioneer of innovation for closed loop ATMs and scrap yard technology.  Tranact began with “loading money” onto one-time use magnetic striped cards that would only work at the business owner’s private ATM. We then incorporated NCR’s 2D bar code reader technology so that account holders could scan an encrypted bar code printed on a receipt.

We are partnered with the scrap metal industry’s leading software provider Scrap Dragon.  Scrap Dragon’s goal is to offer the most well rounded solutions for scrap yard point of sales, inventory management, ticket imaging, dispatch and invoicing. All of their solutions are developed and supported in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Tranact we strive to solve the difficult problems of cash management and transactional complexity for all businesses.  The team at Tranact is located in sunny St. Petersburg, FL and has deployed and supports hundreds of closed loop ATMs for various industries and applications.

We look forward to working with you,

The Tranact Team

Contact Us

7100 30th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33710
Sales Info 727-568-7075 & Scrap Dragon Support 1(855)937-2466