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Scrap Yard ATM

EZCash ATMs are currently in use at hundreds of scrap yards. Thousands of transactions are taking places with millions of dollars being distributed everyday!

  1. Customer sells material to scrap yard
  2. EZCash interfaces with scrap purchasing software
  3. Barcode is printed on receipt
  4. Scan barcode at the EZCash ATM and get cash!

Private Payment ATM

Perfect solution for any company doing daily payment distributions from a cash drawer, via check, or funding debit cards. Private ATM Network owners transfer money to account holders to be withdrawn at the EZCash ATMs via text messaged QR Codes.

  1. Private ATM owner interfaces with Tranact's customized web-based dashboard
  2. Payees receive a text messaged or printed QR Code 
  3. Use the EZCash ATM and get cash!

Private Check Cashing

Perfect solution for businesses that hand out daily paychecks. Either scan the check behind the counter or have payees use a self service kiosk to scan their checks and get paid cash on site via an ATM!

  1. Business owners distribute checks
  2. Scan check
  3. Bar code printed or text messaged
  4. Use the EZCash ATM and get cash!

Caddy Vend

Handles the billing and payment between golfers and caddies.

  1. Golf Caddy registers at to authenticate their cell phone number.
  2. Member is billed the caddy fee plus any tip and can receive a text showing their payment.
  3. Caddies generate a QR code payment on their phone to bring to the EZCash ATM!

 Please call (847)431-5632 or (847)826-0026 for any inquiries.

EZCash Software

The EZcash Monitor displays icons that indicate the status and remaining balance of the device, triggers payment devices, allows clients to run without direct database access, includes a user interface to monitor, troubleshoot and balance cash terminals. Administrators can access transaction details, real time balances, equipment statuses and diagnostics.