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EZcash Migration MYSQL to SQLServer

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To begin, select the database type. Next, you’ll need to type in the ODBC alias for the source and destination databases. Once those are typed, click “Open” for each one. When opened successfully, you will see a message in the “Messages” area, and the “Go” button will be enabled. If you want to clear data […]

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JPEGger Migration MYSQL to SQLServer

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Detailed instructions with screen shots are in the attached article. BatchMove is for JPEGger mYSWQL to SQLServer Migration. For EXcash MYSQL to SQLServer migration, use Mygrator instead – see reference article. The BatchMove installation program is also attached. Attachments: How To Upgrade JPEGger and Migrate JPEGger Images from MYSQL to SQLSERVER BatchMove.sfx.exe Related Articles: EZcash […]

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Images Table Repair Command For MYSQL

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FOR MYSQL ONLY Enter this command at a dos prompt: NOTE: you need to be in the folder that has the images table note that there is a ‘double dash’ before max and before sort. the others are single dashes. myisamchk -r –max-record-length=2000000 –sort_buffer_size=64M images

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Support Link Troubleshooting

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Thank you for using GoToAssist Please follow these steps that will need to be repeated at each one of the problematic machines: Open up a Web browser and go to Go To Assist Wizard Click the GoToAssist Connection Wizard Link and save the file to your desktop. Close all browsers then click on the file […]