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Stop Moving Images Around, Just Serve Them Up With Dog!

Take JPEGger Mobile With Scrap Yard Dog

Sample PhotosScrap Yard Dog (SYD) is more than just an easy way to take hard to get pictures; it is our new mobile image organizer. Scrap metal recycling yards cover a lot of ground and sometimes getting that picture from across the yard may seem impossible but not anymore. SYD allows your hand held mobile device to take pictures, hide images, move images and allows for fast audit corrections. This tool provides consistent image presentation for buyers without losing JPEGger’s audit integrity.
Convenience and a multitude of benefits are afforded to the user including: reading license plates, reading VIN barcode numbers, inspection images, make your tablet into a signature pad, etc.

Using Scrap Yard Dog and JPEGger is like having a one-stop-shop for document and image archival. TranAct continues to provide support in keeping scrap metal recycling yards compliant and organized with the many local and state level laws.

Get your free trial Scrap Yard Dog appliance today, plug in this mini web server and have a secure connection to your JPEGger pictures on your cell phone. Take review and organize pictures without the overhead on email or camera chips. When the picture is taken in dog it’s done.

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