Scrap Yard Technology and Closed Loop Atms

Scrap Dragon Xtreme Metal Recycling Software EZCash Closed Loop ATM Software Scrap Yard Dog Mobile Software Scrap Dragon Xtreme Metal Recycling Software
Scrap Dragon Xtreme is the most advanced software solution for Scrap Metal Recycling facility management. EZcash is an enterprise solution allowing for the secure payment of cash by ATMs and Cash Dispensers. Scrap Yard Dog is a mobile scrap metal buying program that can be used on any device with a web browser. JPGEGger Transaction Imaging creates a photographic audit trail of all your transactions.

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Customer Testimonials

"TranAct has become a great partner in business for All Scrap Metals. The ability to take a photo with any device and later send it to be associated with a particular transaction is a tool that once you have it, you won’t be able to do without. We will absolutely recommend the TranAct team to handle any and all of its transaction documentation needs."
Vincent P. Costanza III
All Scrap Metals
My life before Scrap Yard Dog was very uncontrollable. Cash, checks, scrap tickets and documents were never organized. This was the best thing I ever used in the industry, it works great and, the team behind the scenes is great. Love the tech team!
Bryan Greenburg
Irving Recyclables, Inc

About TranAct

Since our founding in 1996, Transact Payment Systems Inc dba TranAct, has been on the forefront of innovation for scrap yard technology and closed loop ATMs. For over 20 years our teammate, Scrap Dragon, based in Atlanta, GA, has been the point-of-sale front-end technology that makes scrap yard management simple. Scrap Dragon develops the most advanced technology while staying on top of industry trends and compliance issues for the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry.

TranAct offers the most well rounded solutions for scrap yard point of sales, inventory management, ticket imaging, dispatch and invoicing. We built all our solutions from the “scale-up” taking careful consideration to make sure our users had the best experience possible. Not only do "Mom and Pop" scrap yards love our recycling software and other products, but we also have produced industry leading solutions for multi-yard corporations.

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