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Scrap Dragon Makes Texas DPS Cash Cards for Scrap Metal Dealers

DPS registers and oversees all metals recycling entities (MREs) in Texas. MREs are required to collect certain identifying information from sellers of regulated materials to assist law enforcement with monitoring those who are buying and selling regulated materials.

House Bill 2187 was signed by Gov. Abbott on June 19, 2015, and is effective Sept. 1, 2015. This bill relates to the regulation of MRES; imposing an administrative penalty, and amending provisions subject to criminal penalty. HB 2187 also requires MRES to issue cash transaction cards to any seller of regulated material being paid by cash or debit card. Cash transaction cards are non-transferable and the metal recycler will be required to keep copies of each application and a copy of each cash transaction card for two years. DPS has developed the Application for Cash Transaction Card for use by MREs. Unless a seller had been issued a cash transaction card, a recycler is only able to pay for a purchase of regulated material by check, money order or electronic funds transfer.

DPS has prepared Battery Reporting Guidelines to assist MREs in identifying batteries for reporting purposes so a reasonable attempt can be made to properly select items from the transaction entry drop-down buttons.

The Public Safety Commission (PSC) adopted the Texas Metals Program Administrative Rules at its Dec. 17, 2015, meeting. The administrative rules became effective Jan. 10, 2016. These administrative rules reflect the approach taken by DPS, with the advice of the Texas Metals Advisory Committee, on various topics.

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