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Latest Scrap Dragon Xtreme Scrap Buying Demonstration Videos Available

Scrap Metal Recycling Yard, Buying Made Simple

Scrap Dragon has created two new videos demonstrating the Scrap Buying procedures at both the truck scale and in the warehouse. Each video follows the process the operator uses when creating tickets – from start to finish. You’ll see how to find customers, add commodities and deductions, hold, close and pay a ticket and print the scale purchase ticket and purchase receipt.

Truck Scale Scrap Buying

Warehouse Scrap Buying

When you start a ticket, you’ll see how easy it is to find an existing customer or add a new one. Quickly filter the list if you need to by touching a few letters on the electronic keyboard. This keyboard is available throughout Scrap Dragon Xtreme.

If the customer master file maintains delivery vehicles, you’ll be asked choose the delivery vehicle the customer is using today. Or, it’s easy to add another vehicle if you need to.
The Create Ticket screen looks similar to the Classic screen but functionality has dramatically increased.

Unlike Classic, most changes to a commodity can be made right on the Create Ticket screen. Need to edit the details for any commodity? Well just select a commodity and edit whatever you need to. You can even delete a commodity if you make a mistake.

Another great feature that is not available in Classic is the ability to add multiple deductions at one time.

Processing buttons let operators close, hold or pay a ticket. Tickets may be closed as weight only tickets.

Action Items is another new feature. Action Items allow you to change the customer and delivery vehicle at any time in the process, as well as perform other functions and review previously scanned documents. Action Items that display on any screen are relevant to the screen you are working on.

Depending on how your yard sets Scrap Dragon up, confirmation and warning messages may be set up to display. These remind your operators of missing information so they can make necessary corrections.
Document printing is automatic based on your setup and may be customized for your yard.

For more information please call 727-568-7075.

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