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EZcash Makes ATMs Work!

EZcash Makes ATMs Work!

Since 1996, TranAct’s payment system (EZcash Software) enables the Scrap Metal Yard to pay its customers through the use of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Teller cash dispenser without having to rely on cashiers to handle and manage cash. This application reduces the time required to make payments, reduces security risks, and provides additional accountability. Instead of connecting your ATM to the Bank Networks, you plug it in locally and use EZcash to drive, monitor and balance your devices. TranAct has a history of pioneering technology so, private and bank transactions on the same ATM is our next step, stayed tuned!

Scrap metal is typically purchased in many locations from peddlers who require cash. With the TranAct Cash Payment System payment is made to the customer by presenting a bar-coded receipt rather than cash. The receipt is scanned at the ATM and payment is made. A database and video record is maintained for each transaction increasing security and allowing for follow-up research when necessary.

EZcash Installation &
Scope of Project

EZcash Installation & Scope of Project PDF


The EZcash software solution includes:

  • ATM Service (Server) – Drives ATM’s and ARCA’s
  • Middleware Service (Server) – Allows clients to run without direct database access
  • Monitor (Client) – User interface to monitor, troubleshoot and balance cash terminals
  • The application displays icons that indicate the status of the device then double click on the ATM to see cash position and terminal statuses. Right click on the icon to communicate with the terminal and see the transaction record and balancing reports
  • Application Programmers Interface – Triggers payment devices
  • Balancing Wizard (Client)
  • The database is “MS-SQL Server Workgroups Minimum”

An example of a ferrous purchase process is as follows: a scrap customer drives a truck loaded with scrap onto the scrap yard’s scale. The customer then drives into the yard, unloads the truck and drives back onto the scale. The scale system calculates the difference of the two scale readings to reach a dollar amount for the purchase. If payment via ATM is selected, the amount and transaction number is encrypted and passed to EZcash through the local network. EZcash then records the dollar amount and encrypts a number that is passed back to the scale system to be printed as a barcode on the payment receipt. When the barcode is read at the ATM, EZcash authorizes payment of the transaction.

The maximum number of bills dispensed in one bundle from an ATM is 40. A payment of $4,000.00 can be made from one bundle but $3,999.00 cannot. We recommend a $3,000.00 cap if using $100 bills and a $1,500.00 cap if using $50’s. The limit of how much is paid in one transaction is handled in the your scale software. You can create a payment for whatever value you want and EZcash will attempt to pay it. By presenting a barcode more than once, additional bundles will be presented to the customer. Paying more than one bundle from an ATM at a scrap yard carries risks and TranAct recommends against it. But, if you choose to do it, use caution and dual control. Cash dispensers in the office offer a safer way to control large payouts.

There will be three separate payment totals maintained for balancing purposes. The first one is from within the scale system, the second one is from EZcash with the MS-SQL backend, and the third one is from the ATM firmware. The combination of all three totals will be used to balance the cash drops and transactions from your scale system.

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