What types of images can be stored in JPEGger?

Scrap material on scale, peddler images, finger prints, signatures, drivers licenses, vehicle titles, emailed pictures, word documents, PDFs, excel files and other documents.

Are photos taken automatically? If so, when are they taken?

Snap shots are taken every time a commodity is weighed (to include gross weights and tare weights) and every time a peddler receives cash at either the cashier station or ATM. You will end up with a step-by-step record of every scrap purchase from first weight through final payment.

How can I search the JPEGger database?

JPEGger database can be searched by ticket #, date, commodity, customer #, a combination thereof, etc

What is the minimum storage capacity that I should have on my server?

250 GB.

Is any additional software required to operate JPEGger?

Microsoft SQL Server is a required piece of software. The JPEGger images are housed in its database. SQL Server workgroups is the minimum acceptable edition.

What peripheral equipment will I need to operate JPEGger?

You will typically purchase peripheral equipment based on governmental compliance requirements in your state, county, city, etc. Some of the peripheral equipment available includes: electronic signature pad, thumb print scanner, document scanner, driver’s license scanner, nonferrous scale camera, peddler image camera, truck scale camera.

What operating system do I need to operate JPEGger?

Windows 7, 8 or Later. Server, 2008 or later.

How long will my JPEGger images be saved?

Your images will be saved indefinitely unless they are purged or archived.

How large is a typical JPEGger image?

75 K but can vary widely based on resolution and compression.

Can JPEGger images be uploaded to governmental databases for compliance?

JPEGger currently supports Leads on Line (and other governmental agencies) and the data is typically transmitted automatically after business hours.

Can I use my existing video cameras with JPEGger?

If you have an analog (NTSC) camera system, you can purchase a video encoder, which will convert your analog video to digital and can be accessed by JPEGger. This is usually not cost effective and in addition the image quality is typically subpar.

How many images can be stored with a transaction?

An unlimited number of snap shots can be stored with a transaction.

How can I disseminate data from the JPEGger database?

JPEGger images can be printed, emailed, exported or uploaded to Leads on Line or other governmental agencies.

How can I tell that a particular image belongs with a specific transaction?

Text can be embedded on the image to include: ticket #, customer #, weight, date, time, etc.

What cameras are supported by JPEGger?

For a list of supported digital network cameras click here JPEGger Supported Network CamerasPDF