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“We do electronics recycling, and I only purchase a few times a month…What you give away for free is exactly what I needed. It is so much easier to use, and BETTER than what I have been using. I dove right in without even going over any tutorial, and had all of my commodities put in, and was creating tickets after a few minutes. I can’t thank you enough for letting people use your software for free; every single penny counts for me. I will be spreading the word about your company to the scrap yards I purchase from.”
Ryan Williams
Raw Resale, California

“The ability to take a photo with any device and later send it to be associated with a particular transaction is a tool that once you have it, you won’t be able to do without. We will absolutely recommend the TranAct team to handle any and all of its transaction documentation needs.”
Vincent P. Costanza III
All Scrap Metals

“My life before Scrap Yard Dog was very uncontrollable. Cash, checks, scrap tickets and documents were never organized. This was the best thing I ever used in the industry, it works great and, the team behind the scenes is great. Love the tech team!”
Bryan Greenburg
Irving Recyclables, Inc, New York

“I love TranAct-Scrap Dragon!! Thank you for putting up with us scrappies who are so technologically challenged!!!”
Gloriana Carbone Tardie
P.C. Metals, Inc, Bridgeport, CT