Warehouse Kiosk

Custom built dust-free enclosure with fan, HVAC filtration, and more!
*Peripherals sold separately so you can setup your workstation as needed*

  • KIOSK ENCLOSURE: ABS plastic enclosure with built-in fan
  • TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR: Easy touch-screen data entry with ‘no typing’ data capture
  • COMPUTER TOWER: Running Windows Pro and you will be good to go!
  • OVERHEAD CAMERA: POE IP Camera for transaction images
  • RECEIPT PRINTER: Print tickets and receipts on inexpensive thermal paper
  • INVENTORY TAG PRINTER: Print inventory label tags for your boxes and bales
  • DRIVER LICENSE SCANNER: Reads information from the front of the license and capture a photo too
  • SIGNATURE PAD: Capture digital signatures that are then printed on receipts
  • FINGER PRINT SCANNER: Place finger on scanner and it takes a pic


  • ABS plastic enclosure to protect your electronic equipment
  • Small 2’ x 2’ footprint
  • 7” fan and inexpensive 14”x14”x1” hvac filters for dust protection
  • License reader with return ramp
  • Interchangeable panels accommodate various equipment configurations
  • Gull wing equipment doors for easy access and paper loading
  • Accommodates a 19” touchscreen monitor
  • Slide-out drawer protects keyboard and touch pad
  • Large lower compartment for computer and additional components
  • Optional side shelf for thumbprint reader and signature pad