• Scrap Dragon Buy Side Is Fastest Buying System Available
  • Scrap Dragon Sell Side Makes Inventory Management Easy
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • From Desktop To Self Service To Mobile
    • JPEGger
    • EZcash
    • Scrap Yard Dog

Control All Your Yards From
Anywhere In The World!

  • Centralized management of multiple yards
  • Only set it up once! Change pricing, Commodities, Menus, Payment Rules, etc. once and then choose the yards that receive the changes
  • Linking like commodities across yards creates an enterprise view for management, but also allows individual yards to work autonomously
  • Consolidated Reports – Report on one yard, many yards, or consolidate data across yards
  • Centralized Payments – Pay Industrial accounts across yards
  • Yard to Yard Inventory Transfers with freight expenses tracked (both loose and packed shipments supported)
  • Maintain pack source and history
  • Share sell side contracts across yards


All Reports Can Be Previewed On The Screen,
Printed To A Printer Or Sent To PDF Or Microsoft Excel!