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Scrap Yard Dog Mobile Scrap Buying Software

Free Scrap Buying Software

Use any mobile device or computer to create tickets. Pictures can be added to tickets for compliance and your records. View transaction and commodity reports for business planning and daily review. CLICK THE LOGO BELOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT IN SECONDS!

30 Second Video showing how easy it is to Buy and Attach Photos!

Home Screen

Scrap Yard Dog Scrap Buying Home Screen

Simplified buttons control all aspects of using Dragon Dog. View held, closed and paid tickets easily or review or create new customers with the touch of a button. Create a quick ticket and review customizable commodity list provided.

  • Commodity List Provided
  • Create Custom Contracts
  • Customize Viewable Settings
  • Easily Edit Customers
  • Take Pictures with Mobile Device
  • Easy Ticket Management

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Customer Detail

List of Scrap Yard Customers

Customers are key to the organization of a successful business. Our easy to use customer detail screen allows scrap yards to edit and add customers very easily.

  • Store Vital Contact Information
  • Add Images of Customer
  • Add Picture of ID
  • Search Feature for Quick Access
  • Easily Add Ticket in Customer Detail View

Ticket Detail

Scrap Buying Ticket Detail Screen

We have created a quick and easy ticket entry screen to help get customers in and out the door.

  • Choose Commodity (customizable)
  • Tare and Gross Weights
  • Dragon Dog Calculates Pricing
  • Add as Many Items as Needed
  • Use Mobile Device to Add Pictures of Scrap
  • Signature of Customer Contract Saved with Ticket

Commodity & Settings

TranAct provides an industry standard commodity list that is easily customizable. You can add or remove commodities at will and change pricing in seconds. Other setting features include custom contracts, screen viewing detail such as thumbnails, currency settings and compliance settings i.e. Leads Online Information.

  • Add or Remove Commodities
  • Change Commodity Prices
  • Create Custom Contracts
  • Choose Currency Options
  • Compliance: Leads on Line Settings
Commodity Edit or Add Screen
Commodities List Screen
User Settings Screen
New Setting Screen
Custom Contract Screen
Create contract screen

Other Screen Shots

Held Tickets
Closed Tickets
Paid Tickets
Paid Ticket View

Customer Summary Report
Customer Summary Report
Commodity Summary Report
Commodity Summary Report

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