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Thank You For Using GoToAssist

Please follow these steps that will need to be repeated at each one of the problematic machines:

  1. Open up a Web browser and go to Go To Assist Wizard
  2. Click the GoToAssist Connection Wizard Link and save the file to your desktop.
  3. Close all browsers then click on the file that was saved to your desktop.
  4. When you get to the prompt to “Run Wizard” right click the GoToAssist banner portion near the top (the banner will be white with blue letters in a very large font stating “GoToAssist”).
  5. This should bring a different menu in which you see a “Manual Tools” button. Please click on this button
  6. After clicking this choose to reset, then reset again, then OK.
  7. This should bring you back to the menu in which you see a “Custom Wizard” button
  8. After clicking that, check the Test IP Ranges then click Next then OK when it wants to open a web browser and let the wizard run its tests.
  9. When the “Next” button populates click it, then click “Store & Validate” , you might need to click “Store & Validate” twice.
  10. Exit the wizard and the new settings should be forced and stored, then please try to connect again.

You can also visit for a list of ports and IP ranges to configure in your firewall.
If this does not resolve your issue you can call us toll free from the PC with the connection issue at 888.259.8414. Our customer care department is open 24/7
Thank you again for using GoToAssist