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Last updated: 14 Jan, 2016

Scrap Dragon can automatically create the upload file for BWI.

Commodity File Setup
Each commodity must be assigned a code according to the published BWI commodity code list. This is a 3 digit numeric code which is entered into the Government Reporting Value field in the commodity master. The code list is available for download below.

User Definable Table Setup
Only certain values are acceptable for Eye Color, Hair Color, Race and Gender. These values are listed in the BWI codes list available for download below. In Back Office; Maintenance; Setup; User Definable Tables add the appropriate values to the list of permitted options for Eye Color, Hair Color, Race and Gender. If you submit a file with different values, it will be rejected.

Required Customer Data
Certain fields from the customer file are required for every ticket. The best way to insure that these fields are on file is to specify them in Required Customer Data. The Required Customer Data is available on the User Menu. If it is not on your user menu, you can add it in Back Office; Maintenance; Security (Users and Clearances). The Required fields are:
City, State, ID (drvlicno), ID State (drvlicst), Race, Eye Color (eyecolor), Hair Color (haircolor).

BWI Upload Setup
Add Export – Business Watch International to the User Menu. Select the option from the User Menu to complete the initial setup.

  1. Enter a valid network path, something like \\servername\dragon\BWI.
  2. Enter your BWI User Name and Password
  3. Enter the BWI Shop ID and Shop Name
  4. If required, check the box to Include Item Images (Scrap Dragon version 8.2 and later)

BWI Upload
When you are ready to upload data to BWI, choose Export-Business Watch International from the User Menu. Enter the beginning and ending date range to upload and click OK. The program will do a validity check and display a list of possible errors. This may not be a complete list, but these error are more descriptive than the BWI errors and should be resolved before attampting to upload the file. Once the file is error free, logon to the BWI web site and attempt to upload the file. Additional errors may have to be repaired before the file will be accepted.

Article ID: 99
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2016
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