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Article ID: 86
Last updated: 15 Jan, 2016

Under ordinary circumstances, there should be no reason for Scrap Dragon data indexes to become corrupt. After a server crash or network lockup, you may receive a message that one or more indexes have become corrupt. To reindex the Scrap Dragon data files, it is necessary to have all workstations completely out of Scrap Dragon, except at the station where the reindexing is being done. The reindex process can be found in Back Office; Maintenance; Data Repair; Reindex Data Files. If you are sure that all other users are out of Scrap Dragon, answer Yes to Reindex Now and No to Remove Deleted Records.

If you are repeatedly getting error messages about corrupt indexes, then it is possible that you have not applied the fix to deal with the Microsoft SMB2 (Server Message Block version 2) issue. Systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 use SMB2 which has been identified as causing some of the data corruption problems in Scrap Dragon. See Microsoft KB Article.

In severe cases, it is possible to completely disable SMB2, however for most networks, the problem can be alleviated by disabling the timeout threshold for the local cache on each workstation. This can be done by editing the registry according to the workaround instructions in the above referenced article, or by merging the attached file into the registry.

Download the attached (smb2fix.reg) file into the Dragon\setup folder. On each workstation, right click this file and click merge, The required settings will be updated into the registry. This must be done on each workstation.

Article ID: 86
Last updated: 15 Jan, 2016
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