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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2016

Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 And All JPEGger Versions

These instructions are for installations where SQL Server and JPEGger will reside on the same server AND the software installation media will be downloaded.

Installing Microsoft SQL Server

  • Create the following folders:C:\Transact, C:\Transact\CD1, C:\Transact\CD2 and C:\Transact\SP3.
  • Download from EOpen ( SQL Server 2005 CD1 and CD2 from the installation media/website and save them into C:\Transact.Once downloaded you will have to execute them (to uncompress); uncompress them into subdirectories CD1 and CD2, respectively.
  • Download SP3 (or the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2005 service pack) and uncompress into folder SP3 (or whatever the latest SP).
  • Download JPEGger complete install. Note that you will select custom setup and select the option for SQL Server installation (if available).
  • After downloading, browse to C:\program files\jpegger, and double click the INSTALLSQL.bat file to install SQL Server.This is a lengthy process and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Note that if you wish to use a different SQL instance name or change the default SQL Data directory, change the SQLOptions.ini file BEFORE executing the batch file.Please see Microsoft documentation before making any changes.
  • If you are installing from DVD, you may also edit INSTALLSQL.bat to use the DVD instead.
  • After installing SQL Server 2005, open the Services manager and stop the service SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER).Execute the latest Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.A reboot may be required, but typically by stopping the service in this step you will not have to restart.
  • Restart services SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER).
  • Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.(Start>All Programs>Microsoft SQL Server>SQL Server Management Studio)
  • Connect to local machine when prompted using Windows Authentication.
  • In SQL Studio, File>Open, and browse to C:\Program Files\Jpegger and select the CreateJPeggerDB query file.After selecting that file, select execute at the top of the screen which will create the JPEGger database.
  • Note that the script will change some default settings that we recommend changing for most environments. These may be changed based on a specific environment.
  • Start\All Programs\JPEGger\Install JPEGger Service for SQL server.
  • Create a System
Article ID: 65
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2016
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