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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016

Jpegger Imaging System

General Description
Jpegger is an event triggered, image capture system. When triggered, still frame images are captured into a SQL database, along with the ticket number, commodity, weight, customer name and other associated transaction data. JPEGger should not be confused with ordinary DVR surveillance systems which record full motion video. This video can only be retrieved by time frame. Instead, JPEGger captures and stores snapshots, fingerprints, and document scans that are associated with a single transaction. This has some distinct advantages. By entering a ticket number, a complete audit trail of images can be viewed for a single transaction. Because these graphic files are more compact than full-motion video recordings, less hard drive space is required to store images for the same time period. This makes it feasible to store transaction images for a year or more without massive hard drives.

Image Capturing
Scrap Dragon can be configured to automatically trigger one or more cameras when certain events occur. Typically, an image is automatically captured from a network camera whenever a material is weighed and whenever a customer is paid. Images can also be automatically captured from other devices such as electronic signature pads and fingerprint readers. Additionally, images can be manually captured from document scanners and hand held digital cameras.  Images from Smart Phones can be uploaded to JPEGger via e-mail or through our Scrap Yard Dog mobile imaging product.

The attached Excel file can be used to roughly compute the capacity required for storing images.

Event Device Automatic
Truck Scale Weigh In IQEye  or other supported Network Cameras Yes
Truck Scale Weigh Out IQEye or other supported Network Cameras Yes
Platform Scale Weight Toshiba or other supported Network Camera Yes
Customer Payment Axis or other supported Network Camera Yes
ATM Payment Axis or other supported Network Camera Yes
Customer Signs for Payment Topaz or Wacom Signature Pad Yes
Customer Fingerprint Crossmatch or Hamster Fingerprint Reader Yes
Drivers License Image Scanshell or Snapshell Scanner Yes
Title or document scanned Fujitsu or Epson Document Scanner No
Inspection of VIN or contaminants Smart Phone Camera or Digital Camera No
Article ID: 62
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016
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