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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2016

ATM dual dispenses are configured as Primary and Secondary. Looking at the ATM from the safe or rear, the default Primary side of a Persona is on the left but the Self-Serve ATM Primary is defaulted on the right. The Primary side should be loaded to manage the entire cycle – “CUT to CUT” the Second side is a redundant backup and should be loaded to manage the time frame from when the first side goes out until it can be brought back in service. The more cash the larger the window.

The ATM has only 4 logical cassettes and the firmware will dispense from whatever side is able to dispense the notes. If you are out of $1’s in the primary side and it is dispensing from the 2nd side, a request for an amount ending in $0 or $5 will come from the primary side. If you are out of $1’s in the first side and $5’s in the 2nd side and need $6 it will error and EZcash will manage the transaction by requesting a different note request i.e.; @6 $1s. This switching back and forth is error handling and should only be used to deal with a jam or out of note situation in a redundant matter. The system is more likely to fail when trying to use both sides in production.

Dispenser alerts:

In the Transact Universal Driver we are in beta of an alert system that monitors Cameras and Dispenser issues. Alerts can be a pop up or an email. Alerts are configurable by camera or ATM and can be used for 1 scale operator, one site, regionally and or centrally. Alerts can be set up to do a 1 second pop up of images hitting the database and or a popup click to continue camera error that did not make it to the database. Once a popup is clicked the alert will only send timed reminders if the error is ongoing. The only ATM alert we configured is a dispenser error i.e.; the dispenser fails for any reason to dispense cash. This error also indicates that a primary side switched to secondary.

Attached please find a diagram of the dip switches to change primary to secondary dispensers. This should only be done by the service personnel if the primary side is known to be not as reliable as the secondary.

EZcash and TUD will have to be upgraded in order to send alerts.

Article ID: 6
Last updated: 08 Jan, 2016
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