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Unable to open file error Messages when logging on to Scrap Dragon

Article ID: 125
Last updated: 10 Nov, 2021

There can be a variety of reasons that Scrap Dragon might not be able to open all of its files.  Most common are issues with the network, permission issues, and corrupt files.

  1. Make sure that the network dragon folder is shared and everyone has full control.
  2. Make sure that the c:\dragonlocal folder has full control for everyone.
  3. Make sure that file Sync is turned off at ALL workstations.

In particular, File Sync can make a mess of the shared Scrap Dragon data.  Individual workstations cannot be allowed to store Scrap Dragon network files locally off line and then sync them up at a later time.  All workstations must be using the shared files on the network.  Otherwise, changes made on one workstation may not be visible to other workstations on a timely basis.  For example, since everyone shares the file that keeps up with the next ticket number, utilizing file sync could cause tickets with duplicate ticket numbers to be created at different workstations.   


Article ID: 125
Last updated: 10 Nov, 2021
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