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How to install a Secugen Hamster Fingerprint Reader

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Last updated: 23 Feb, 2016

The Secugen Hamster Fingerprint Reader was introduced as a lower cost alternative to the Crossmatch Verifier.

Installation Instructions

In Windows

  1. Download, unzip and install the Secugen driver from our web site:
  2. Create a folder e.g. 'fptemp' under \\servername\dragon\ for the working storage of the fingerprints.
  3. If you are also planning to store and reuse fingerprints, then create a folder 'fp' under your company data directory, e.g. \\servername\dragon\compdata\fp.  If you don't know your company data directory you can look in Back Office; Maintenance; Setup; Company Information. 
  4. Copy 3 files into the c:\dragonlocal folder from \\servername\dragon\setup\drivers\SecuGenHamster\. The 3 files to copy are: HamsterFingerprintReader.exe, HamsterFingerprintReader.exe.config and SecuGenFDxSDKPro.Windows.dll.

In Jpegger

  1. Setup a camera for each Secugen Fingerprint reader.  The camera type is Directory and the directory name is the folder created in step 2 above.  Make sure that the directory name is saved correctly before saving the camera.  An incorrect directory name can have disasterous results. 

In Scrap Dragon

  1. In Back Office; Maintenance; Setup; Local Computer Options; Imaging Tab.  Enter the camera name in the Fingerprint field.  Select the radio button for USB. For the Camera Directory, specify the folder created for the temporary fingerprints in step 2 above eg. \\servername\dragon\fptemp. For the Capture Program, specify c:\dragonlocal\HamsterFingerprintReader.exe.  Check Close and/or Pay depending on when the fingerprints will be captured.  Check Store & Reuse Fingerprints if that is allowed by the authorities. 
Article ID: 122
Last updated: 23 Feb, 2016
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