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How to install a Topaz Signature Pad using Scrap Dragon instead of TUD

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016

With Scrap Dragon version 8.2b or later, the Topaz signature pad can be installed without the need to utilize the Transact Universal Driver.  This offers the following features:

  • The signature pad screen is simultaneously displayed on the Scrap Dragon monitor
  • If the signature pad becomes unplugged, it can be reconnected without having to restart a service.
  • The signature and the disclaimer can be saved separately meaning that the disclaimer can be printed full size on tickets and receipts and the signature can be printed without a miniature version of the disclaimer.

Installation Steps

In Windows:

  1. Install the sigplusnet.exe driver for Topaz on dot net.  The driver is in the folder \\servername\Dragon\setup\drivers\topaz.  The Topaz is a TL766.
  2. From the same folder, copy two files to c:\dragonlocal.  The files are: ScrapDragon.Signature.Topaz.exe and SigPlusNet.dll.
  3. Make a new folder under \\servername\dragon\ e.g. 'sigpad' to store the temporary signatures to send to jpegger.  If you have more than one signature pad, you will need a separate folder for each one.

In Jpegger:

  1. In jpegger config, setup a camera name for the Signature Pad.  The camera type is single file, but leave the file name blank.  You only need one camera name, even if you have more than one signature pad.

In Scrap Dragon:

  1. Create a disclaimer in Back Office; Maintenance; Program Options; Disclaimer Tab.  It should be disclaimer number 1.  Be sure to check the box that says Pad.  Also check the box that says print if you intend to use the disclaimer on printed tickets or receipts.
  2. In Back Office; Maintenance; Local Computer Options.  On the peripherals tab, uncheck the box for signature pad, save.  On the imaging tab, select the camera name previously defined for the Signature Pad.  Select the EXE radio button.  For the Camera Directory field, select the camera directory that you previously created.  For the Capture Program field, select c:\dragonlocal\ScrapDragon.Signature.Topaz.exe. Check the close and pay boxes depending on when you want to capture the signature.

If Transact Universal Driver was previously installed and isn't needed for anything else, then make sure it is not in the startup folder.

Article ID: 120
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016
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