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Article ID: 101
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2016

Software Requirements:
Scrap Dragon: Version 8.3 or later
Jpegger: Version 2.33 or later, or any previous version that includes a table for cust_certs

Workstations Requirements:
One or more workstations can be set up to take applications, including the cashier station.
These stations require:

  1. Thumbprint Reader (crossmatch or hamster)
  2. Electronic Signature Pad (topaz or wacom)
  3. Mug Shot camera
  4. ODBC connection to the jpegger database
  5. Laser printer to print applications (optional)

A different workstation should be set up to print the cash cards.
This station requires:

  1. Zebra ZX1, ZX3 or comparable card printer
  2. ODBC connection to the jpegger database

Scrap Dragon Configuration
Company Information File

  1. Enter State Registration number as the Dealer ID

Program Options

  1. Check the box for Certificate Rules
  2. Enter the login user name and password for SQL jpegger database

Security (Users and Clearances)

  1. Add one or more of these new programs to users as required:
    • Certificate Types
    • Customer Certificates
    • Batch Certificate Printing
  2. For each user approving applications, store a file of their signature as a jpg file in dragon\forms folder and save the name of the file in the Weighmaster Certificate # filed

Certificate Type File

  1. Initially copy the CertType.dbf and the CertType.cdx files from demodata to compdata
  2. Create folders to save the Applications (dragon\compdata\cashapps) and Cash Cards (dragon\compdata\cashcards)
  3. Enter the folder names in the path fields in each certificate type

Configure Local Options

  • Workstation for Applications
  • Certificate Camera for mug shot
  • Single file camera
  • Setup ODBC for Jpegger
  • Upgrade TUD

Workstation for Printing Cash Cards

  • Other Printing – Labels & Envelopes – laser printer, report name ‘windows insert.frx’
  • Setup ODBC for Jpegger

Updated forms can be downloaded below.

Article ID: 101
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2016
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file tx-cash-card.FRT (18 kb)
file window-insert.frx (7 kb)
file custcert.sql (253 b)

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